about me …

Aotearoa New Zealand is my home, my identity.

Holidays in Central Otago have left me with an enduring love for the land. I live in the North Island, but my heart lies in the South.

lake hawea

My ancestry is grounded in Scotland, tracking back to the 17th century in the Highlands, and back to the 12th century in other areas. There are also strong Irish, Norse and English connections in my history.

After a variety of work experiences, including time in the UK, I taught in primary school for several years. I am still involved in education, but in a role that involves me in the support of teachers so they can better support their students.

Over the last few years I have become more and more engaged in what some have described as a spiritual journey.

I was searching, questioning …

  • what lies behind, beside, above this world I live in?
  • how do I explain the strange and mysterious events in my life?
  • what is my purpose?
  • how can I live with meaning and be true to myself?
  • how do I adjust to aging?
  • how do I cope with loss?

I’ve realised I need to look within – the answers lie within me. I need to dig deeper, not wider.

I need to trust the process of reflection. Writing has always been a powerful and effective way to process my feelings, and access my inner voice and understandings. When I write my way through a question, an idea, a crisis – I find my own meaning and truth.

I need to focus on my own desires and act with intention and engagement.

And so begins this online journal …

2020 update:
So interesting to re-read this and think – yes – this is all still true – but now I’m in a place where I’m less focused on the searching and more focused on how to best express myself. Just over two years ago I discovered I could draw, I could paint – what a revelation. Painting has become the medium I’m learning to understand and use – long term I want to find a way to combine it with writing.