19 December 2017 – notes for a poem – un-named as yet

The sky is pale and grey, not heavy, but flat and low.
The world is shallow, horizontal, with little space to breathe,
except in spaces cleared by flurries of warm wind.
Sparrows visit, fearless, curious thieves,
crumbs disappearing at the speed of flight.
A magpie swoops in, a botanic priest to correct the masses.
A large golden dog steps forward and they take to the air.
The roses are every colour from white to peach, cerise to ruby,
some freshly opened, some over-blown.
Stopping at the climbing roses,
and drawing a branch close to breathe in the perfume,
a conversation approaches, full of soft “-sh-sh-“ sounds,
the sound of the breeze and these dark, blood-red blooms.

This is the beginning of a longer piece based on notes taken on 19 December 2017. Its taken me a while to feel that I’m beginning to understand how this wants to be written. But this feels right, and I’ll persevere with the rest…its not always an easy process.



change your perspective

look up into the face of life

discover hidden treasures


We are creatures of habit and it does us good to see things from a different point of view.

This can be literal, as when I looked up into the face of this flower, or perhaps when you take a different route home.

We can also benefit from stepping outside our preconceptions, our habitual ways of thinking, and discovering the richness in other ideas and opinions.

This month began with the super moon, blue moon, blood moon. I stood outside at two in the morning and caught a glimpse of the full moon as clouds swept across its face. Disappointment surfaced and there was little point doing anything other than sleep. Dreams were full of sunsets and roses and strange red streamers hanging in doorways.

And the next day – a storm hit – ex-cyclone Fehi – and we were battered by winds over 110km an hour, and torrential rain. King tides add to the challenges. After weeks and weeks of dry hot weather, we needed rain, but this was too extreme.

This is a time of challenge and change, and I’m looking for the treasures.