A Hidden Wholeness

Taking time today to read. “A Hidden Wholeness: the journey toward an undivided life” by Parker J. Palmer.

Can’t help but think that the title of this book reflects a similar intent to O’Donohue’s “invisible necessity”.

Its all about finding ways to connect with one’s true self – about listening to one’s own inner voice. Its so easy to become lost behind the masks and barriers we use to negotiate our way through the world and to try to keep ourselves safe. I know I struggle sometimes with being genuinely myself – I feel there is too much at risk, too much to lose. And sometimes I am too compliant, too willing to follow the easy path. And I know that way lies the risk of becoming lost to oneself – but I crave a peaceful life.

I remember this was confirmed when I was exploring my Enneagram personality type a few months ago, I came out as a “Type 9: the Peacemaker – The Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type: Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable, and Complacent“. I feel that if I was more in-touch with my inner voice, my true self, I could be braver, bolder, less will to put up with things – but it all hangs on knowing what I want, what is truly important to me.


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