deep and light

In a recent work meeting we were revisiting our values and our work processes – keeping our focus on the positive through “Appreciative Inquiry”. We worked in small groups and when it came time to feedback our thoughts, after listening to a few, I remember I was noticing how we were all touching on deeply important values, conflicts in our work, concerns, challenges etc; but at the same time we were acknowledging each other’s strengths, and the good we do, emphasising how rewarding it is when we learn from each other, and our desire to bring more joy into our work.

I remember saying to a colleague, “we’re going deep and staying light”.

And this phrase has stuck with me since. It reflects what I was talking about with a friend the other day – the ability to delve deeply into a problem and yet keep sight of possibilities. To dwell in the bitter-sweet darkness of grief, and trust that I will resurface into the light. My desire and ability to explore, to inquire, to understand, to analyse – I think of this as “going deep”. But equally, I’m optimistic, I seek out the positive, I look for the good in people and situations – and I think of this as “staying light”.

If I didn’t already have a name for this blog – then “deep and light” would have met the brief.

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