At different times
we came to this place,
to this circle of stone,
and we both felt the
mystery was our own.

There was no choice –
we could do nothing,
but reach out –
and lay our hands upon the stone,
reach out –
and hold the stone,
as if embracing.

Who are we,
that we can slip through time,
touch the past,
and be so moved?

Who are we
if we cannot?

© Claire Griffin 2016

(One of several pieces written over twenty years ago (!)
Looking back now I think that I was trying to create in writing
a connection to someone that perhaps I couldn’t find in any other way.
Still – I like some of these as poems in their own right –
and can read the “we” in a more universal sense,
extending beyond my intentions at the time)

5 thoughts on “avebury

  1. Interesting – your comments on North Island, Scottish ancestry etc
    My ancestor, Elizabeth Dixon was married to Andrew J Bonar. I believe they were the first European settlers in Kaukapakapa. She is buried in Helensville and would have been a great aunt x ? here is a photo of her in the NZ archives, sitting on her verandah in 1856!
    Andrew was sheep inspector, postmaster and coroner and his son William had a sawmill and they cleared kauri and sold it to the French and British navies.
    Some day I am going to come over there and also look up my Fotheringham relations, two of whom were in The Aukland Rifles and who died at Gallipoli. Their roots were in Kincardineshire, Angus, cotland.

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    • It is fascinating to find out about our ancestors – I haven’t done the research myself – but was lucky to have someone in the family with the perseverance to find out. You certainly know a lot of interesting details about your NZ family 🙂

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