your footsteps play
on the skin of the land
as on a drum
I feel the ground vibrate

you are coming

you will lie beneath me
and I will drop
sun-ripened fruits
into your mouth

you will stand still in my arms
as the wind blows around us
I move so slowly
this is how we dance

you will hear me singing to you
while you sleep
I speak so quietly
you can only hear me in your dreams

I am strong and grounded
the one you seek
my roots run deep
my tribe is many

you are a bright brief burst of life
and I am older than your generations
you are constantly astounded
my hair is green
and yet you love me


2 thoughts on “green

  1. Not sure if anybody shared with you, Clair, that your poem feels different visually vs verbally? When reading it first, I fill in many of the details between your rich texts. But when I heard it (along with reading it), your tonality conveys much more of you.

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    • Thanks for the feedback 🙂 Adding audio is something I’m experimenting with – for myself as much as anything – another step into the world for this “quiet” soul.
      So – fascinated about the difference you feel – would love to know more if you feel like sharing. I know I always read someone’s work first a couple of times – then might have a listen. Anyway – thanks again ❤️


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