change your perspective

look up into the face of life

discover hidden treasures


We are creatures of habit and it does us good to see things from a different point of view.

This can be literal, as when I looked up into the face of this flower, or perhaps when you take a different route home.

We can also benefit from stepping outside our preconceptions, our habitual ways of thinking, and discovering the richness in other ideas and opinions.

This month began with the super moon, blue moon, blood moon. I stood outside at two in the morning and caught a glimpse of the full moon as clouds swept across its face. Disappointment surfaced and there was little point doing anything other than sleep. Dreams were full of sunsets and roses and strange red streamers hanging in doorways.

And the next day – a storm hit – ex-cyclone Fehi – and we were battered by winds over 110km an hour, and torrential rain. King tides add to the challenges. After weeks and weeks of dry hot weather, we needed rain, but this was too extreme.

This is a time of challenge and change, and I’m looking for the treasures.

4 thoughts on “February

  1. Dear Claire, Thank you for your lovely words and images. I adore the Lenten rose and keep all my heavenly hellebores in the shadiest corner. A great reminder of how light can and will thrive in dark(er) places. How beautiful to dream of an inner sunset. In waking life it may be hinting at the dawn of a new era. The red streamers feel celebratory, full of life, the “rubedo” perhaps in symbolic form. In soul, Deborah.

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    • Deborah – you find such beauty in my thoughts – and have given me what I’ve been seeking – another perspective ❤️
      I didn’t know the meaning of rubedo but a brief search leads me into the realms of alchemy – my curiosity is piqued ❤️

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