the wrist and the door

I wave to you from across the road
every turn of my wrist
an invitation and a farewell
a door opening and closing

I cannot decide
whether to use the weight of my heart
as a doorstop to wedge this door open
or to keep it closed

daily prompt – wrist and door – from Sarah Selecky




walk into the sun

An overcast day
low tide
the pier exposed
individual piles stand alone
in formation
a structure imposed.
I walk toward them
revisiting the past
seeking shelter
in the spaces between.
Sun breaks through cloud
colour floods
but its all an illusion.
Water pools around my feet
heels start sinking
the nearer I walk to land
the more decay and damage.
The piles falling slowly
sinking slowly
as the sea advances and retreats.
But the sea itself is shelter
and where the water is deeper
they still stand upright
resisting the pull of the land

and I walk between them
I walk into the sea
I walk into the sun