this imaginal space – draft pt.iii

not content to worship from below
we built a stair to heaven
we burnt a forest to light our path
we arrived uninvited
and thrust our clawed feet into your skin
you could have shrugged us off
but you took this as a gift
our feet tattooed your face
yet another piercing
to add to your scars

returning home
seeing it for the first time as you do
as you have seen it for millennia
we see why you love it
why you have stayed all these years
mesmerised by our blue pearl



face : poetry : day 2

black hair braided
pulled tightly back
severity tempered
by an explosion of flowers
the rainbow halo frames
a flamboyant madonna of sorrows

the camera doesn’t capture
her soul, her certain spirit
owns the lens
controls the exposure
we are her subject
suspended in time
exposed beneath
her intense attention
her focused scrutiny

her gaze gives life to her portrait
posed, poised and passionate
disconcerting in her directness
dark eyes defined
by darker brows

(and she is …?)

© Claire Griffin 2016

face : #introtopoetry : day 2 : alliteration