a red list

tomato /         blood / sunset / stop

cherry /          tamarillo / steak 

raspberry /    strawberry / pomegranate / plum

my hand-woven scarf / an unworn skirt / a pre-loved coat

ruby /             garnet / carnelian

lips /               cheeks / tongue

passion /        anger / embarrassment

fire /               wine / revolution


daily prompt – make a list of things that are red – from Sarah Selecky


the window and the paperclip

this window opens and catches
between its edges the colour of trees
and the sound of birds
it holds a place in time and space
a marker in the book where I live
when I need to find my page
I lift this twisted bookmark
and my book opens to the perfect day

I signed up for a month’s collection of daily prompts from Sarah Selecky.
This was my response to number one.
If you’re interested check her website: https://www.storyisastateofmind.com/