screen : poetry : day 6

your words fall between us
a wall of miniature time-bombs
that don’t explode until I think
about them later, in silence

if you ever choose to listen you might find
there was never any counter-fire,
you might find that you can no longer hear
anything beyond the beat of your own heart

what might have begun for your own
protection is now a barrier projecting
negativity, and you are now trapped
behind a self-referential screen


© Claire Griffin 2016

screen : #introtopoetry : day 6 : enjambment

(this started life as 325 words and managed to edit to this 75 word version)

6 thoughts on “screen : poetry : day 6

  1. Thank you so much Carol – so touched that you can take meaning from this 🙂
    Still some tweaking to do – but I’m pleased I focused on making my thoughts into a poem and cut 250 words of personal angst.


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