relax, walk, watch the sun set 

It’s that time of year – two more weeks of work – then the summer holiday. This is the time of year when I have time to slow down, and reflect. It’s the time of year when I used to explore new ideas, try out new pursuits. 

What I’m proudest of this year is that I’ve made time, taken time, for personal interests throughout the year – specially the latter half of this year. I’ve started drawing and learning to paint. I’ve noticed that as I shift into this visual world my writing has gracefully taken a back seat – but I’m sure it’s going to surface again soon. 

What I’d love for next year is to find a way to combine paintings and text into artworks that balance both sides of my soul. 

2 thoughts on “December 

  1. Maybe an even greater emphasis upon focusing upon your creativity in 2018? This year has possibly been a spring-board to enlightenment? Only time will tell……

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    • I hope you’ll be as patient with me next year as you’ve been during this one – you’re so generous with your time ❤️ Maybe we will find someone who can cast some light on our futures – or even our pasts…


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