protect yourself

but stay soft in the centre

and reach out past your defences


Thoughts for the start of April, for autumn in NZ.

For all those bravely trying to be true to themselves, speaking, writing, creating, loving the world.

We need to take care of ourselves and be a little cautious, without becoming risk averse, without becoming hardened and cynical.

We need to find ways to please the eye and feed the soul. Ways to warm our hearts and sweeten our words.

To keep reaching out to engage with the world even when it’s tough – that’s the brave thing – the creative act.

Working out how to keep yourself centred and true – that’s the spirit work.

4 thoughts on “April

    • So happy this resonated with you – this is what I love about sending our thoughts out into the world – you never know who they will connect with – and what support they might take from them.
      I need to thank you for helping me re-engage here on your site and with others.
      I really don’t believe in multi-tasking – when my mind is tuned in to a particular thing I’m not very good at remembering to pay attention to other interests. I’ve been trying to paint over the last few months and as a result my writing has been on the back-burner lately – and that’s the thing that kept me connecting to everyone here. Maybe one day I’ll work out a way of bringing them together – words and images 🤞🏼


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