May 2018


 brighten the space around you

glow from your heart

to the edges


The word I chose to guide me through this year was expansion. It can be easy for an introvert (or at least, for this one) to spend time alone, and to settle for the familiar. This felt like a good word to remind me to look outside myself, to step outside, to remember to breathe out

The little verses I wrote for each month at the start of this year, are like my reminders, suggestions for how to live, how to relate to others. This one especially, reminds me to look outward.

I’ve been trying to explore the idea of expansion, committed to painting every weekend, and trying a few new experiences (eg: a dance/writing workshop) – saying yes to things that feel outside of my comfort zone. So far, this has been expansion of my own skills and experiences. I need to remember to expand in the sense of my contribution to others, to look for ways to share and support those around me.

Winter is coming, and this is a good time to glow, to share a little warmth. To be the bright light I look for in others.

4 thoughts on “May 2018

  1. What a beautiful, poetic post! I love May’s small verse and gentle image. Although I’m a happy introvert, “expansion” feels like a warm, welcoming word to me. In August 2015, I decided after writing poems since my teenage years, to finally put my work out there. It was an overwhelming task, however, I’ve never looked back.

    The ways in which you describe your own expansion is so helpful. You encourage me to try new things! It’s great to hear how you cultivate your creative life by saying yes to even more new adventures. Finally, I found your last lines in this post to be a wonderful, inspiring poem in themselves! Blessings always, Deborah.

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    • I’m a happy introvert too – and the more I’ve learnt about what introversion means the more confident I feel going out into the world. Thank you for your thoughts – they mean a lot. Perhaps putting my work “out there” is my next step … ❤️

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  2. I too am an introvert. And I find commenting on others’ blogs helps me to expand and reach out. And Claire, your calendar always impresses me with such precious words and foresight. So you may want to consider putting it out there.

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    • ❤️❤️ I agree completely – engaging with blogs and other social media, and posting my own work, has given me so much confidence in myself. I wonder if anyone has researched this effect on introverts …? Your feedback is always a treasure – thank you 🙂

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