super moon

the eye of the universe draws nearer
she turns towards us
watching side on
like a great white whale
surfacing, curious, yet wary
she brings a gift to us
her own body, her luminous skin
she has come from the depths of space
to show what it looks like to be whole
she has come to bring light to our dark night
she has come to bring hope
she has come …

Monday is the night
of the perigree full moon
a supermoon

our pain, our cries of disappointment
and anger have been heard
and we have woken the spirits of our world

©Claire Griffin 2016

I was working on this almost three weeks ago, and was planning to post on Monday 14 November, the night of the supermoon.
However, Sunday night, early Monday morning, New Zealand was hit by a major earthquake, and my notions of a benevolent moon seemed naïve and sentimental. I’ve been a bit distracted ever since.
I never really finished this – but it fits with a few pieces that have emerged from the events of the last few weeks.

12 November – revised 1 December 2016


journey : poetry : day 4

the journey begins
with a thought
an idea drops
and ripples spread
(do I need to say
they are like ripples in a pond?)
this is a journey through the mind
through time

each memory
triggers another
there is no predictable sequence
more like a multi-dimensional
map of associations
(ah – there it is)
a map I create
through my experience of memories
rather than a map I follow

this is a journey
without a destination
this is a journey of trust
that I will find my own way
to wherever thought takes me
and back again to the present


© Claire Griffin 2016

journey : #introtopoetry : day 4 : simile