this imaginal space – draft pt.v

she is there, waiting, but she turns her face away

all this week, I hoped to glimpse your promised glory
before today, your face would have been welcomed
it was all romance and possibility

but she turns her face away

I see you, but I wanted so much more
you waited too long to show yourself
all week – going about your business undercover
a beautiful anarchist
you have betrayed us all

and now, she is blamed, the cause of devastation



this imaginal space – draft pt.iv

you persist
rising and setting
oblivious of our concerns
is it your apparent indifference that infuriates
we couldn’t accept your independent soul
we renamed you madness and chaos
the mother of darkness
the daughter of death
the mad woman
in the dark sky


this imaginal space – draft pt.iii

not content to worship from below
we built a stair to heaven
we burnt a forest to light our path
we arrived uninvited
and thrust our clawed feet into your skin
you could have shrugged us off
but you took this as a gift
our feet tattooed your face
yet another piercing
to add to your scars

returning home
seeing it for the first time as you do
as you have seen it for millennia
we see why you love it
why you have stayed all these years
mesmerised by our blue pearl



the wrist and the door

I wave to you from across the road
every turn of my wrist
an invitation and a farewell
a door opening and closing

I cannot decide
whether to use the weight of my heart
as a doorstop to wedge this door open
or to keep it closed

daily prompt – wrist and door – from Sarah Selecky




the window and the paperclip

this window opens and catches
between its edges the colour of trees
and the sound of birds
it holds a place in time and space
a marker in the book where I live
when I need to find my page
I lift this twisted bookmark
and my book opens to the perfect day

I signed up for a month’s collection of daily prompts from Sarah Selecky.
This was my response to number one.
If you’re interested check her website:



exciting !!! 

I look at blogs with thousands of followers – and can’t really imagine it. To me these 101 follows are little nods of acceptance, handfuls of flowers, acknowledgement that I’m on the right track. 

To the 101 people who saw something interesting and chose to follow – thank you all ❤️ (and if I didn’t follow back … hmm … perhaps I need to revisit you and have another look ❤️😉)


shift your rhythms / attend to the night / tune in to moonrise and moonset / fluid and regular / dark in the light / light in the dark

Here’s my calendar page for June. I’ve been so busy and distracted by 9-5 work that I almost forgot to post this. 

I’m definitely feeling the need to shift my rhythms – to accept getting up in the dark, getting home in the dark. I’m trying adjust to winter – to slow down and not push myself to do too much. 

I welcome those bright clear winter days when they visit – but today is cloudy and cold – just me and a book bundled up keeping warm. 

I’ve got some writing ideas underway – just taking me ages to finish things.